Impossible Sweater Stretching - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls

XLGirls super-hottie Sasha Juggs likes genuine guys. What kind of dates does Sashaa like to go on? What does she expect her date to do from the start? What kind of restaurants does Sashaa like to go to? The blonde bombshell will explain in the opener of Impossible Sweater Stretching. One of the perks of being an XLGirls cameraman is that the girls really open up in more ways than one. Sasha also talks about anal sex and her upcoming anal sex threesome with two guys. "I love anal--I do--but with two guys, it made it ten times better. It was great." That anal scene is also Sasha's first threesome, something that was one of her fantasies. After Sasha's titty-chat, she tries on tight sweaters. First, a turtle-neck, something we haven't seen her wear. Up next, Sasha's bra is unhooked and she puts on a striped V-neck. After that, an orange V-neck sweater.