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Nikki Smith, comfortable homemaker and busty little pie maker. This is the dream of many people: to have a stacked spouse at residence baking her coronary heart out and offering nutritious meals to maintain up our energy for her within the sack. Nikki was all for this position-enjoying sport. In truth, she's excellent for it. Once Sergio and Nikki begin getting it on, there is no feeding, meals play or splodging, as we have finished in some scenes and within the Feed Her, Fuck Her sequence. There's some meals motion when Nikki spurts some whipped cream on one pretty nipple and licks up all that goodness. Otherwise, it is all about pink-blooded, righteously-sizzling fucking and sucking. Sergio doesn't have pie on his thoughts. Not apple pie, anyway. Nikki's hungry, too, however not for any of the lavish unfold she's laid out on the eating room desk.