'Love Your Pie' - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls

Nikki Smith, happy homemaker? Busty little pie maker? Works for us. This has been the dream of many since they first feasted their eyes on this tasty morsel of a girl: to have a stacked wife at home baking her heart out and providing nutritious food to keep up their strength for her in the sack. Nikki was all for this role-playing game. In fact, she's perfect for it! Once Sergio and Nikki start getting it on, there's no feeding, food play or splodging as we've done in some scenes and in the Feed Her Fuck series. Well, maybe there's some food action when Nikki spurts some whipped cream on one lovely nipple and licks up all that goodness. But otherwise, it's all about red-blooded, righteously hot fucking and sucking. Sergio does not have pie on his mind. Not apple pie, anyway. Nikki's hungry, too, but not for any of the lavish spread she's laid out on the dining room table. She's hungry for man-sausage, and she's going to get it good.