Make Room For Kaboom - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls

Kimmie Kaboom is one of the newest and greatest at XL Girls. Her husband is a fan and contacted us about Kimmie. We would have had to have holes in our heads to not invite Kimmie over to these hallowed halls of hooters so our thanks to Mr. Darrell Kaboom for thinking of The SCORE Group. Before XL Girls and Kimmie teamed up, Kimmie posed for pinup, rockabilly and retro photos. She's an auto body--a car enthusiast who works on cars and operates an auto repair company. The perfect XL Girls wife. Most XLGirls members don't comment or email. When Kimmie debuted, the boards lit up. "Kimmie is becoming my new favorite model on XL Girls! I adore her in every way.