Plump & Humped - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls

What Kendra Lee Ryan reveals in the opening interview with TSG editor Dave is so surprising and mind-boggling--shocking, in fact--that you're going to have to hear it coming from her lips. Among other Kendra topics they talk about is what she's been up to since she was last at XLGirls (webcamming), what kind of vibrators she likes to use and how massively big this cute Californian's big tits currently are (40DDD or F-cups). A breast-man could play with and fuck those sucklers for hours. And what's with putting sex toys overnight in her refrigerator? To get a sampling of Kendra's blow job technique, Dave calls over JMac who pulls his pocket-pipe out as a demonstration tool for Kendra's lips and tongue. It beats being a crash test dummy in a car safety laboratory. Then he goes back off-camera to wait until he gets to fuck Kendra after the interview, his first time getting to bone this luscious morsel of a mammary maiden. She is one hot little 24-year-old girl (standing only 5'3" in her bare tootsies). Kendra's favorite sexin' positions are doggie, reverse cowgirl and being bent over counters. JMac has a treat for Kendra during their schwinging and it's called the pile-driver position. Spank you very much, Kendra Lee Ryan.