Roxee's Toy Collection - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls

Mrs. Robinson has quite a collection of toys back home, at least 20, Roxee told us, including the powerful Hitachi Wand, a fairly recent addition. She says it's her favorite now. (The world record may be held by SCORE Girl Sheridan Love who owned 82 toys when we spoke with her about her collection, and that was in 2013.) Roxee brought nine toys with her. We wanted to ask her about ladies' novelties and she was happy to share and describe them and how she uses them. (Please note all the bras behind her.) In this Bonus video, she shows and talks about them, lays them out on the bed and uses the realistic cock-dildos on her heavy knockers. When a woman shows off her personal chick-stick collection, you know she cares. On her RoxeeRobinson Blog, Roxee, a Canadian, wrote: "I love shooting for SCORE. I also love traveling to Europe! It's a double bonus for me! I worked with the same awesome team and of course they spoiled me rotten with wonderful Czech Food. Which I guess kind of makes it a triple bonus for me! They even remembered my love for their yogurt." .