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It's cum-show time with Anna Beck, the people's choice for a pair of the biggest, heaviest tits you ever saw in your life as well as a smokin' body. She's also someone who surprised everyone big-time when she contacted us after several years and wanted to expand her horizons. It was a real cock shock when the zaftig looker reversed course about doing the nasty with hung man-sluts. Anna says she likes a long and slow warm-up and her favorite position is when she's getting fucked deep and hard from behind. She doesn't have any favorite XL Girls scenes. Each one has been memorable for her. Anna's first XXX encounter with Tom opened her up and her second scene with bicyclist George paired Anna up with another Czech dude who's wild and passionate about huge tits. Anna is neutral about getting it on with another girl of any body type. "I am not against it, it just holds no attraction for me," says Anna. As for butt sex, that's not Anna's personal thing and her heart probably wouldn't be in it.