The Adventures Of Super-Jennica - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls

"It's so beautiful here," says Jennica Lynn who is decked out in her special sailor girl outfit that could be a superheroine costume. What navy is this uniform from? They must have no shortage of enlistees with deck hands like her! Jennica is talking about the place she's modeling in, Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. Yes, the D.R. is very beautiful but we have to say that Jennica is much more beautiful and exciting. The top part of Jennica's colorful corset is basically a ledge for her gorgeous and crazy-generous tits. They appear to be ready to spill out as she leans forward to blow a kiss. "Wanna go for a walk with me?" Jennica asks. Simply watching Jennica walk down the spiral stone staircase leading to the pool is enough to drive a man completely insane. Her 34M-cup boobs wobble and tremble as she negotiates the stairs in her stacked heels. Jennica deftly unhooks her bustier and reveals her real superheroine costume.