The XL Girls Car Wash - XL Girls

Channel: XL Girls

Natascha Romanova's photographer not only produced a pictorial and video of the Russian bra-buster, he managed to get his car washed also. Natascha wore her one-piece swimsuit and turned out to be pretty handy with that hose, getting wetter and soapier than the car. Natascha dropped her top after a few minutes and then peeled it completely off. She even buffed the vehicle with her giant tits, doing a better job than any pro car washer. Natascha, who lives in Switzerland, said she likes showing off. "I like people to see my beautiful, big boobs. So I wear tight clothing. Everyone looks at me, including many women. Very rarely they ask me questions. 'How big are they?' 'Do I know how much they weigh?' Mostly people just look but don't approach me. Swiss people are nice and do not like to intrude on others' privacy." Read More »