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24428 - Lola Paradise is happy that we worship voluptuous girls with natural, big tits. She didn't think there were magazines and sites that did. She was intrigued by the positions she saw the girls do in the magazine and her curiosity led to her meet-up with XL Girls. She feels like she is now part of a community of sexy, big-breasted women, a special group. After her first horny Tits & Tugs breast-sex shoot, Lola gets even hotter in this hardcore POV scene. Axel is watching TV in the living room. Wearing shorts and a low-cut top, Lola wants his attention paid to her succulent, beautiful body. She feather-dusts in front of him (note the photo on the coffee table) but that doesn't work. Still dusting, Lola picks a bra off the floor and tosses it to the side. Finally, she's had enough of his TV watching and chides him for not giving her what she wants, then leaves the living room. When she returns, she's wearing topless lingerie that puts her sexy boobs on full display and high heels. Her… Read More »

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Download this from XL Girls