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Lusty, busty Samantha Sanders is back after being away from the cameras for too long. In her second scene, the action begins right away with Steve going crazy on Samantha's big, generous tits. Samantha, how should a guy handle your breasts? Soft or hard? Samantha: It depends on my mood. Is your sex drive stronger now than when you were first modeling? Samantha: Yes, absolutely, it has definitely gotten stronger the older I get. Do you ever talk with your girlfriends about your best sexual encounters and the guys you've had with the biggest dicks?" Samantha: Occasionally. We have girly nights, drink wine and talk about sex and guys. Do you like to talk dirty and nasty to your guys? What are the things you like to say? Samantha: Sometimes. It depends on my mood. I like to tell them to fuck me harder with their big, hard cock. Have you ever been with a guy where you sat across from each other and played with yourself and watched as your partner played with himself? Samantha: Oh, yes, I love to watch a man playing with his hard cock whilst he watches me playing with my wet pussy. It's a big turn-on. What kind of kinky things have you tried in the bedroom? Samantha: Costumes, talking dirty, filming and role play. Thank you, Samantha Sanders. .