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JMac is playing a video game. Cosmia wants his cock. JMac is not known to favor games over fucking a new busty babe. XLGirls: Cosmia, tell us your thoughts about your scene with JMac. Cosmia: JMac is something else. His dick was insanely powerful and I instantly worshipped it. I wanted it everywhere. He fucked me so hard my pussy was swollen for days. The pile-driver made me cum super- hard. I couldn't handle it. He also played with my ass which I love. XLGirls: JMac sucked your nipples loudly, gave you a hands-on-the-head throat-fucking and a deep pounding. You looked very much into that. Do you usually like a powerful guy dominating you? Cosmia: I absolutely love it. I love to be just taken and fucked. It's my absolute favorite. I love for the guy to take charge of me. It gets me instantly wet when the guy starts to dominate me. XLGirls: Did you squirt? Cosmia: Yes, I've squirted in all my scenes I've filmed with XL Girls. You have some amazing male… Read More »